Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello everyone!
Are you looking for ways to promote your business? Here are some ideas on where to leave your business cards, flyers, catalogs etc! You may already know about some of these...and there are hundreds of ideas! I am going to post a few...then I want YOU to add to the list. Whats worked for you? Where do you leave stuff? Or do you just give it out to anyone any everyone! Lets share!
#1. Take a small zip close baggie (snack sizes work well) and include the following in it:
Your Business Card, Business Oppty Mini Flyer, a Piece of Candy such as hard candy or a lollipop, mini flyer of current host specials, discount coupon (optional) etc.

Hand these out to the bank tellers, retail cashiers, at your kids sport events, every where you go!

#2. When I stay at hotels & motels I leave a mini catalog, my business card & discount coupon and the mini coin canister for the maid! I put her tip inside the mini coin canister! I have gotten 3 orders by doing this!

Be creative when you leave tips for Hotel Maids, Waitresses, Waiters, Hair Dressers, etc. Don't just hand them your business card, make it memorable!

You can also buy cute little beaded change purses at your local dollar discount store!

#3. Print out flyers with your contact info (not your personal address), your website address & email address along with any current specials you are offering.

Then contact local area mobile home park offices, apartment complex rental offices, housing developements, etc and ask them if you can leave fliers in their office or hang on their tenants doors. Give the office employees a free gift or discount on their personal orders.

#4. Contact local area bridal supply stores, bridal gown stores, caterers, tux rental centers, wedding dj's etc. Ask them if you can leave your business cards & fliers about the great (Company Name) Bridal Gift Registry for them to give to their customers.

Offer store owners a free gift or a personal discount for helping you spread the word about your business.

#5. Daycare Centers! They are excellent to contact and leave business cards and/or fliers at!

I print out a flyer and I attach my business card & a discount coupon. I get a lot of orders by doing this!

So whatever company you represent, find some items that cater to children or to moms and make up a flier!

#6. A lot of churches hold a spring and Fall Fest! Contact them about getting a table or a booth. A lot of times this will cost you under $15.00 for a space!

Make sure you take products with you along with business oppty fliers, plenty of catalogs, business cards etc.

Do a contest drawing at these types of events. Make up entry blanks that gather the customer's info so that you can initiate contact with them again!

#7. Join your local area chamber of commerce! They are always holding local business events that you can participate in.

#8. College Campuses! Dorms & Housing Students are always looking to spend money! A lot of college students are also looking for an extra income so target them with the Business Oppty too!

Drop off fliers and business cards to the College Student Center! They usually have bulletin boards, tables and other things where you can leave your information at for FREE!

#9. Contact your local area Welcome Wagon or Welcome to the Neighborhood Group! Ask them about you leaving mini catalogs, fliers, business cards, discount coupons, freebie mini gifts, etc with them.

They are always looking for additional items to place in their Welcome Bags!

#10. Contact your local area hospitals and ask for Human Resources Dept. The Majority of hospitals hand out New Mommy Diaper Bags filled with products, samples and other stuff for New Moms who just had a baby!

It's FREE for you to add in your information! I have gotten party hosts, new customers and new recruits by participating in these types of programs.

#11. Contact your local medical offices, particularly Gynecology and OB Offices and Pediatric Offices and inquire about you leaving information with them.

This is a way for you to target Parents of Children with both the home party oppty, the business oppty and new customer sales.

#12. Donate a Product to your local area Radio Station, they have numerous contests and they are always looking for sponsors!

Your donation can be written off as a tax deduction plus you will get FREE Advertising & Business Exposure for your donation!

#13. Donate a Product to your local area Bingo Halls! They are always looking for sponsors of their Bingo Prizes! Bingo is BIG in a lot of areas!

#14. Call your Chamber of Commerce and find out about Local Area Job Fairs. Get a booth and set up info about the fabulous business oppty!

#15. Call your Local Area Colleges and find out when their next job/employment fair is. A lot of times you can get a booth or table for less than $35 and you will get a lot of GREAT new recruit leads by participating in events like these.

#16. Contact local area car dealerships. I have 2 in my local area that hand out a small packet that I made up for FREE to their customers who come in to take a free test drive!

#17. Target your local area gyms! You can get a table space for $20 or less in most cases! Make sure you have 3-5 products on display, plenty of catalogs, business cards and fliers.

#18. Network with others in your community who are in a home business. Find out what events and activities that they participate in. They are usually "in the know" and can help you get started in networking in your community.

#19. Contact Companies in your area to see if you can come in and set up a table in the employee lounge or cafeteria for an employee shopping break! These days a lot of companies will allow you to do this if you ask them!

#20. Does your local area TV cable company have a local information channel? Inquire about advertising! These ads will reach thousands of potential buyers for you! I recommend you only use your website address for these types of advertising and not your personal at home address.
I have about 100 of these ideas...i just posted 20 of them here. Share with us..lets get this going! After all...we are here to help each other out, right?
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Networking Tips

Hello Friends!
I figure it might be fun to share networking ideas! What do you think?
First, I have found that keeping in touch with my customers and hostesses is #1 priority. Make em feel special!
A lot of us try to grow our businesses online. But did you know that most of the time face to face busines is best? So then, how do I get my business 'out there'? Lets take a little time and share what we know works for us!
One thing I do is put my catalogs out and about. So when I go to the doctor, dentist, hair salon, anywhere there is a waiting room - I make sure I leave at least a mini catalog with all of my contact information on it!
Do you have something eye catching on the FRONT of your catalog? I bought precut cardstock type stars in neon colors. On them, I put 30% off...ask me how OR FREE product for the first 10 customers. I also made sure my contact infor was on the front (like staple your card to the front, or a couple cards so they can take one without taking your entire catalog) AND put your info on the back.
How about putting one of those locker caddy things in the pizzaria or anywhere they will allow with your biz card and mini mailer inside. Check on them from time to time to replenish stock. Some companies may allow you to put a FREE DRAWING box. Make up a form that has all their info (LEADS!!!) and put the prize or a picture of it nearby. Then be sure to contact them even if they dont win.
So...I'm sure you have tons of ideas. Post them here so we can all benefit!
Thanks and have a blessed day!