Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Networking Tips

Hello Friends!
I figure it might be fun to share networking ideas! What do you think?
First, I have found that keeping in touch with my customers and hostesses is #1 priority. Make em feel special!
A lot of us try to grow our businesses online. But did you know that most of the time face to face busines is best? So then, how do I get my business 'out there'? Lets take a little time and share what we know works for us!
One thing I do is put my catalogs out and about. So when I go to the doctor, dentist, hair salon, anywhere there is a waiting room - I make sure I leave at least a mini catalog with all of my contact information on it!
Do you have something eye catching on the FRONT of your catalog? I bought precut cardstock type stars in neon colors. On them, I put 30% off...ask me how OR FREE product for the first 10 customers. I also made sure my contact infor was on the front (like staple your card to the front, or a couple cards so they can take one without taking your entire catalog) AND put your info on the back.
How about putting one of those locker caddy things in the pizzaria or anywhere they will allow with your biz card and mini mailer inside. Check on them from time to time to replenish stock. Some companies may allow you to put a FREE DRAWING box. Make up a form that has all their info (LEADS!!!) and put the prize or a picture of it nearby. Then be sure to contact them even if they dont win.
So...I'm sure you have tons of ideas. Post them here so we can all benefit!
Thanks and have a blessed day!


  1. Oh I think this sounds like a great idea..

  2. Awsome ideas Robin!!! I am going to have to look for a card caddy!!!